7 Reasons to be a Kinnector

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    Don't Just Work, Kinnect

    Don’t like monotony? Want to explore different skills and experiences in the digital space? Well then Social Kinnect is the place you should be at! Here, we don't believe in boundaries or confines. If you want to stretch your horizons and learn beyond your job role, you would love to be part of our buzzingorganisation.

    Social Kinnect is built by its people and each #Kinnector is valued and given the opportunity to translate their thoughts, ideas and bringing them to fruition! With us, you get the satisfaction of seeing your work make an impact in the digital space.

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    Edgeucate Yourself

    From personal development to experimentation to hands on training for constant evolution, with Social Kinnect, you always have the edge! Our in-house training program - #KinnectEDGE aims to equip you with the best experience and know-hows of this continually evolving industry! After all it's not just work for us, but a constant learning experience.

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    Bond with the best

    Our work culture has been designed to attract brilliant peers. Make it in, and you'll be working with some of the most motivated people in the business. We recruit people who are not just smart, but people who are talented, driven, positive, and live life with a purpose. Get in and you'll be surrounded with friends, peers, and a network that will help you move your life to a whole new level.

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    Gain the Entrepreneurial Spirit

    At Social Kinnect We are the Doers! We are the Change Makers! We are the #Kinnectors!

    Even if you are not an Entrepreneur today, in some way or the other you will learn to be one, right from the get go. We want to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit inside you, with a strong desire and a capability to be leaders of tomorrow! All you need is a little push everyday!

    With our strong team, culture, spirit of entrepreneurship and a strong grooming process we help you to be those 'Entrepreneurs by Attitude'.

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    It's the Place to Be

    Just a stone's throw away from High Street Phoenix, Social Kinnect is situated in Lower Parel! This ensures that the shopaholics in our gang can easily splurge as soon as the salary credits in. It also gives the foodies easy access to the best eating joints in town and we ensure we make the optimum use of it! With Lower Parel becoming the new party hub in town, after work chilling has reached a new zenith for Kinnectors.

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    Work. Enjoy. Party. Repeat.

    What happens when you put artists, writers, strategists, designers, and producers in a single work place? You get a melting pot of creativity, an artistic paradise, where amidst the fun and chaos you take new strides towards brilliance and innovation in the digital space.

    Include #KinnectFriday, our monthly themed parties, surprise donut days, chaat parties and festival celebrations and you have a workplace bubbling with energy which is so infectious, that coming to work is something every Kinnector looks forward to!

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    Co-founders you can Kinnect With

    At Social Kinnect, you not only learn from your peers but also from the best in the industry.

    Our CEO, Rohan Mehta, has been twice awarded the Top 50 Digital Media Professionals of India. With a quest for innovation, learning and rapid growth, Rohan is someone who pushes everyone towards cutting edge technology and exponential growth, something you might want to pick up from him!

    Chandni on the other hand is the creative maverick, with a strong background in Advertising and has had a fulfilling career with the likes of Leo Burnett, JWT and Percept. Building on her passion for Advertising she co-founded Social Kinnect with a team of 4, scaled operations of SK to now managing a 100 person team as COO of Social Kinnect!

Not Convinced, This Might Help!

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    “Gave me the opportunity to explore two different job roles under one umbrella which was the biggest plus point!”.

    Drashti Sheth (Strategy+Design)

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    “Helped me deep dive into my skill-sets and made me realise my true potential and help me transform as a person”.

    Stefan Amana (Client Servicing)

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    “Coming from a different stream, I never had difficulties adjusting as the people guided me every step of the way! Always made me feel welcome”.

    Ashish Tambe (Sr. Content Manager)

Need We Say More?

If you think you have the right attitude to be a #Kinnector and
an appetite to learn and explore yourself

Send in your resume to careers@socialkinnect.com

All the Best