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Social Kinnect, a leading Digital Marketing Company in India, offers Interactive Services range from Social Media to Media Planning & Buying, Website Development & Design, SEO &Marketing.


Yearn to explore newer skills, innovations and experiences in the digital space? Well then you've arrived at the right place!

If you are someone looking for a view beyond the usual horizon and truly want to explore past your on paper job title, you would find this place abuzz with endless growth opportunities!

At Social Kinnect, we challenge mediocrity and don't give a damn about boundaries or limitations!

open positions

  • Sr. Visualizer
  • Visualizer
  • SEO Manager
  • Account Director - Media
  • Manager - Media Operations
  • Sr. Executive - Media Operations
  • Copy Supervisor
  • Sr. / Copy Writer
  • Account Manager - CS
  • Sr. Account Executive
  • Video Editor

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